When looking for some blogs that I could relate to and that focused on some similar issues as mine, I was a little overwhelmed. There is such a massive amount of bloggers, vloggers, niche websites and the like that I was more than a little daunted by the task. I did manage to find some wonderfully intelligent, adventurous, and hilarious places that I had never heard of before- mixed in with some of my favorite stomping grounds.
First is my old pal, who has been tauted as the most popular Harry Potter website EVER. I was there before it was cool though, so does that make me a Harry Potter hipster? Anywho, mugglenet has pretty much anything a fangirl could want: fanfiction, fan art, discussion forums, nerd humor, spoofs, quotes, news, and even Harry Potter recipes. It is a place for people to come together and share their passions and talents, and more importantly a community. The people who run the site also have a podcast so we get to know them and their passions, making the site that much more personal for each of the visitors. As far as social media involvement, they have a huge following on most of the big ones (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr…) which are all connected to the site, allowing visitors to go from one to another. Since mugglenet has been around for a good fifteen years, it has very little missing that fans haven’t already pointed out and had fixed.
The writers of the Are We Human? Debunking Gender Myths blog are two former evangelicals who write about the understandings of gender and sexuality in Christianity and the church. T.F. Charlton identifies herself as a, “writer and commentator on media and culture from a black, Nigerian American, queer feminist perspective.” While Kiri Amaya describes hersekf as a, “former evangelical, atheist, disabled trans woman.” Their viewpoints are different and interesting, and portrayed in a soft tone of refusal to accept the norm. I love their backgrounds and the way that they see the world, as a place that has many thorns but is beautiful nonetheless. They are very protective of their readers and themselves and make it abundantly clear that abuse will not be acceptable, plus there is a recommended reading section, which I LOVE! I think that the blog could be taken to a much larger audience, but the authors don’s seem interested in trying that, which could be a failing in some peoples eyes but I find it rather admirable. Their social media interaction is not as encompassing as it could be, however, they are very involved with their readers conversations and genuinely care. This blog is not trying to reach fame and glory, only those readers that need to find some solace and comfort in understanding they are not alone.
Tiger Beatdown is so full of personality and panache that it doesn’t even matter what the writers are saying because you automatically love them. They address feminist issues with a personal, invested point of view, not really just to update readers on feminist news topics, but to share in a very real post about their feelings on an issue. Their problem is definitely organization. The layout is very poor and makes for difficult navigation. As a new reader I had to scroll down a long ways to read older posts, and there wasn’t much in the way of visuals. Those are definitely some things that need improvement. There is also no social media interaction, which stymies their readership, I’m sure. What thhey need to do is revamp their image to bring more traffic and become more connected with their audiience.
I am excited to be finding new influences and more broad ideas!

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