Week 8 Readings

I think the thing that caught my attention most in Shane Snow’s blog was the sentence in the conclusion that stated Facebook was going to be coming out with a location tagging application… I looked at the date and saw this was written in 2010- only four years ago- and was amazed by how commonplace it feels to check in now.

Social media technological advancement has continued to grow and change and become a part of our lives that I almost can’t remember not being able to check in on Facebook. To realize that it has only been around for four years just blows my mind!

Four Square as it is used by journalism is definitely a new way of looking at things, connecting with people that would otherwise not be considered for a story or an idea.

Mapquest Vibe was created to help people find the exact area of a city that matches their interests and needs. A branching out from the original Mapquest location service, VIbe allows users to view neighborhoods based on their Vibe score. The score is determined by the walkability of an area, popularity, shopping, residential, and park space among other things. The app will also allow the user to connect with others in the area that share similar interests and receive coupons and deals to commercial locations.

I have gotten very involved in Memphis this past semester, volunteering, following grassroots organizations, and generally being very excited about the city my home is turning into. Memphis has a long road still ahead, but the direction it is taking right now gives hope to those of us who truly love it.

Mapquest vibe offered it’s users the ability to “be a local, anywhere.” That is just the sort of thing the City of Memphis could use to attract more visitors and residents. Show everyone that there are some great places to visit in this city and that not all the neighborhoods are dangerous.

More recently, Mapquest partnered with Foursquare, grubhub, singleplatform, Booker, SeatGeek, and FAA to create an even more user-friendly, local focused site. Check it out.

As to my experiences with the location based app FourSquare, I must say that I am surprisingly intrigued. Not that I have ever heard anything bad about FourSquare, in fact in the past three years I just have not heard much at all, leading to my belief that it was outdated and not useful.

However, I have had a pretty good time using it, and even managed to bump into one of my friends at Huey’s because I saw that she was there and I wanted to go! Being able to let my friends know when I’m at a particular place instead of texting them or checking in on facebook (which seems to be losing popularity) is really useful. I think that as I get more comfortable with this platform I will see more options in how I use it.

For professionals using this medium, it can definitely be a way to find out about events that are pertinent to your field and to look into the possibility of connecting and networking with it.


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