Week 10 Readings

As I have noted before, Twitter is not my main social media- mostly due to the fact that I thought only younger people used it. However, since I have been shown the light by Dr. Brown, I understand that in order to truly grow a strong social network that includes social and professional contacts I need to become more engaged.

Last week I wrote that my goal was to take a good photograph every few days, and I will still be doing that in order to grow as a photographer. My new goal though, is to tweet at least five times per day. I’ve decided that I need to give myself a purpose to tweet because otherwise I won’t do it on a consistent basis.

As to LinkedIn, I have had a profile on that site for the past four or five years. Linked In is actually extremely useful to me because I am able to keep in contact with people that I worked with or interned with, without them seeing all of my person postings and photos from my other social media.

In order to grow my profile and enhance what I had already, I added more of my published material and also found several more old contacts to add.

Linked In is just one site that is a part of my complete brand. I have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Meetup, and a personal portfolio website that I created to apply to jobs and internships.

In order to create a more professional online brand, therefore more appealing to future employers, I have worked to make my Facebook and Twitter postings more pointed and less personal. I try hard to think about what message something will send across before I post it. I post a lot of news stories about things like female genital mutilation, sexual harassment, gender inequity- you get the point. That is my interest, and that is the brand that I am trying to build.

In order to continue on this path I need to become more involved in posting these stories to Twitter, and with my new goal, hopefully that will happen!

Boyd, Golder, and Lotan did an interesting study on tweets and retweets, which I had never really seen as much power in before. Retweeting looks to have a lot more usage than I had previously imagined, to amplify, to entertain, to comment, to be visible, to agree, etc. If I can begin to retweet more things of interest to my topic, perhaps I will get myself a little more on the map in terms of engagement.

Dan, at Xark, has a very productive way of looking at comments. I tend to be one of those people that reads a few bad comments under a post that I find interesting, and immediately lose faith in humanity… because people are generally idiotic assholes (you tend to get the worst out of people when you write things about feminism and gender parity, sadly). So his message to be proactive and engage in building a community is a great way to look at things.

The steps that Mayer and Stern list out for engagement and community building are spot on. I can see exactly what they are trying to get their reader to understand about have a detailed plan and working on a directed focus of your resources.


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