Week 12 Readings

I had a great time learning how to use google maps to actually create something! I had no idea that you could use it in that function, so for that I definitely thank you because this is going to be something useful I will really be able to utilize. I decided to work on something that I have just recently gotten into- biking. I created a fairly simple map that showed what Memphis offers currently in the way of bike lanes, and what has been proposed to be added in the next few years. I added photos of some of the green lines that have not only a purpose, but visual appeal as well, and some description of the planning process.

Bike map of Memphis

The author made a great point in this piece on data driven journalism, that data is great, but only when used to enhance a story so that the reader will understand it more easily.

But journalists have so many new resources at their fingertips when it comes to finding data or visualizing data for their audience. With the ability to literally paint a picture of the issue or story, readers can be brought even further into the story than ever before.

I think that I will be able to make a very in depth, interesting map by bringing together all of the information on Memphis start-up businesses. It is not necessarily my blog topic, but one I am very passionate about, so I want to put quite a bit of time into it. Hopefully that will draw some local interest to my blog.


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