Week 7 Readings

When I was thinking of what to do for my video, I decided on stop motion because it allows the video to convey a message as well as retaining artistry. I wrote a blog post about my video and my reasons for creating it. I think that video is a really strong addition to any site because your audience is more likely to pay attention to a variety of media as opposed to just written or photographic. Not only that, but by using video as an addition you can gain viewers from sites like YouTube.

Public Relations professionals can use video to enhance public announcements, apologies, or as a means to put out relevant information. If a company has to make lay-offs, go in a new direction, or make a big change, they can create a video that shows their audience the reasoning behind such things and the human elements of decisions. When Fedex had a major PR issue after a delivery man threw a package over a fence and was caught on tape, they put out a public apology via youtube video. This apology went a long way in helping to maintain their image and credibility. Perhaps a company just wants to inform their publics of some important details or changes, a youtube video is a great way to explain something to an audience in a personable way.

Mindy McAdams has a great list of resources for budding videographers to check out. She also created a clearly-written list of directions for using iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, neither of which I am particularly fond of but they are great tools nonetheless. My personal preference when it comes to video editing is Pinnacle Studio, which can be a little more pricey but is definitely worth it. It gives you so many more options when it comes to transitions and overlays, not to mention the ability to embed certain actions.


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  1. Good, and I loved the stop motion. Very creative. I really think that would be the kind of thing someone might like to see from an employee that you can do something neat like that, it would be a fun part of a campaign.

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